Passion for Data

Hi everyone!

As Santa Clara StrataConf is once again just behind the corner and O’Reilly is having -50% data books sale, my inner data enthusiastic started to wake again. I’ve been studying computer science for three years and statistics for about year and a half in university of Turku and I’m highly passionate about everything around data science. But to be honest, my skills around data involved things such as math, programming and intuition to find problems and solve them is still way too much in beginner level. I love reading books and my bookshelf is filled with books about data analysis, machine learning and programming and I also love to read blogs, articles and watch presentations around the data science field but applying my knowledge to reality seems to be lacking way behind.

This blog is a plan to change that. It’s meant to provide me a platform to share my thoughts, to keep diary of what I’m doing and also share links to blogs and videos from others that I find helpful, funny or entertaining. It will be place for me to try things out and learn new things – and even if it’s not very inborn feature in me – learn by failure. Can’t believe I said that.

I was really happy to see one of my favourite, Monica Rogati giving a speech in this year’s SC and I really hope it’ll be on Youtube or Vimeo for free. Buying video compilation is way too expensive for my student budget so I’ll just cross my hands and wait.


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