Link of the week #1

There’s definitely a lot going on in the world of data science, programming and web. When I started this blog, I decided to try making one own post per week plus one or two link posts per week about stuff that I’m interested and that seem either funny, entertaining or useful.

During the past two weeks there has been two conferences of which I’m huge fan of. First, in 21st and 22nd February was W3Conf 2013 in San Fransisco. Even though it’s not actually data science stuff, I think understanding the web is essential in both extracting the data from web and developing data products for web. All the talks are in Youtube (and you can find them on the website) so check it out.


Few days after in 26th to 28th February in Santa Clara was my absolute favourite, Strata Conf 2013. Most of the talks are behind paywall which I don’t like that much since as a student I have no possibility to afford to pay hundreds of dollars for the videos. Strata conference videos were the first things that got me interested in data science and I’d really love to see the talks every year. However they uploaded some talks and interviews to Youtube and I was happy to see both video gaming talks in Youtube. But there’s no Monica Rogati which makes me little sad.


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