Link of the Week, Twitshare

This week I wanna tell you about a new service that has just been breaking the ice and getting some media coverage in Netherlands. But what is Twitshare? Let’s give the guys who made it tell you:

Twitshare is a new service that allows you to easily share files over twitter with your friends. Files can be privately sent to your @mentions or placed as a public file, visible and downloadable by everyone. With Twitshare you are able to share large files(up to 2gb) in an easy to use way.

Their purpose is to create a easy-to-use sharing service which uses Twitter to auth and to share the link. Basically, when you want to share a file with your friend, you log in, add file or files and write a Twitter message mentioning people you want to give access. After that, only those mentioned can access the file by logging in with their Twitter accounts unless you list the file as public.


Twitshare is still in beta and you need to be shared a file with to get access, but the UI is very simple and easy to use and I believe this will be a huge success if they get it spread fast enough.


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